Member Privacy

Member Policy
First, members accepted norms
1, you become a Dog Being a member, you can use Dog Being Web services provided by, and subject to the trading rules and membership requirements, failure to comply, Dog Being website reserves the right to cancel membership, once cancellation of membership, will lose all membership rights and benefits.
2, Dog Being website reserves the right to modify this Agreement, you may at any time to the Dog Being website for related amendments, if you continue to use the service, as you have read and understand the consent of the amendments.
Second, membership information
3, Dog Being website only accepts data in the same person single member, that you can only build one of your personal information, please do not log on.
4, when you log in as a member must fill out accurate information, if found false login, the login information or the original has not found true without updates, Dog Being website reserves the right to terminate your membership and use of network services right. If you falsely use the name of others, resulting in the loss of other members or the site, Dog Being site will retain the power to prosecute, and provide relevant information to the police and investigative agencies in the investigation.
5, in order to protect your rights, please save your account number and password, Dog Being website is based on the group ID and password to identify membership, complete the membership in the Dog Being all transactions on the site, and members of their exercise of such rights. If you suspect that the password may be leaked immediately to the "Member Area" to update your information. Concern for lost or stolen, they should immediately notify the Dog Being website, so as not to harm your interests. Due to reasons attributable to members of their account number and password compromised, resulting in the loss or the occurrence of members of other legal persons responsible for the loss or liability borne by the member.
Third, member data protection
6, you agree to accept the Dog Being website "privacy statement" in the Dog Being your site login or retention of personal data will be strictly protected, and such information to maintain the necessary authorization.
Four, Member of the duties and responsibilities
7, you promise to abide by the Republic of China laws and regulations and international Internet regulations and practices.
8, you may not damage, interfere with or invasion of Dog Being the website of the information, functions, systems attempt or behavior.
9, You agree and undertake not post ads, and malicious personal attacks, trafficking in goods, published indecent and vulgar or infringement of intellectual property rights of the text, images or any form of files on the Dog Being site.
10, you agree to fully respect the copyright prohibit the publication of the intellectual property rights against others, text, images or any form of files.
11, non-Dog Being website agree that you shall not be any information Dog Being website copy, transfer, distribute or lease, sell such acts.
Five, Member Purchase Protection 
12, Dog Being website sale of goods is limited to Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu areas to place orders to use, and provide the right column of your payment method (1) ATM transfer (2) cash on delivery.
13, you pay for a shopping site by Dog Being letter recognition, Dog Being website will arrange shipping matters, all orders are shipping delivery method, except in remote areas or special factors, about 3 to 7 days (national except holidays), you can receive the Order of the goods and invoice. If special shipping days or the case, instructions will be posted on the website, please pay attention to instructions. Delivery orders from NT $ 500 less than the total amount of dollars, or a return result of the second order amount is less than NT $ 500 dollars, plus shipping costs required to NT $ 50 ?.
14, Dog Being in receipt of your payment site items Next, you fill out will depend on the contact telephone number and contact you and as you specify the address for delivering the goods, you are in need Qing Shoudao goods on the spot whether you are Queren Order the product line, and do some damage to check whether the goods to ensure that your shopping interests.
15, if you received the goods for shipping damage or defects, you agree to abide by Dog Being website Return and refund approach.
16, you agree to Dog Being website ordering behavior to Dog Being shown in the electronic transaction information website shall prevail, in case of disputes as to the recognized standards for the electronic transaction information.
Six, the service suspension and Disclaimer: 
You agree that if you are ordering products or services who use the site, if belongs to the following circumstances, Dog Being may assume the obligation to notify you in advance, depending on the circumstances to cancel or modify the transaction (order) the content, delay in delivery time, or suspend the The service, and select the appropriate way to tell, and without any compensation or compensation obligations.
17, pre-order confirmation notification
18, out of stock products
19, no stock merchandise page display
20, after ordering goods Returns if any, to cancel the order
21, website maintenance shut-
22, information display is incorrect or has been tampered with
23, violation of the relevant provisions of Government Decree
24, the other not to causes attributable to the Division due to interruptions of service
7, the effectiveness of individual terms
25, the consent of any network members set the terms of all or a void, does not affect the validity of other provisions. If you have any questions about membership, please contact center to the letter to ask.
26, the other not entirely a matter for appeal, in accordance with relevant provisions of the law of the Republic of China.
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