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【Omega Paw 】Stop Paw Licking

【Omega Paw 】Stop Paw Licking

Capacity: 355ml


- Licking Paw, Wrist or Ankle - Surface Red and Shiny - Paw Raised and Thick - Hair Rubbed Off

- Sensitive to Pressure - Chewing


Your dog is licking its paw because it’s irritated. Their intention is to lick the area to rid themselves of the problem. However, they are creating a better environment for bacteria to grow, causing more problems. For the health of your dog, action should be taken to help relieve your dog of these irritants.


STOP PAW LICKING™ is unlike anything on the market today. Other products numb the pain while not addressing the problem. Stop Paw Licking™ is formulated with RemoveRx® to target bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, fungi and other irritants that cause obsessive paw licking.

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