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Capacity: 30ml

Everyone's eyes get a little itchy from time to time, and our dog and cat friends are no exception. But what do you give them when you see their eyes watering? C Bright from Thomas Labs® to the rescue. These eye drops for dogs and cats contain vitamin C and are formulated to provide relief of discomfort from dry, red, irritated, or itchy eyes due to normal environmental irritants, pollen, or foreign materials. C Bright does more than just help soothe their eyes; it goes deeper to help against the underlying issues. Vitamin C helps support capillary health in the eye, maintains and supports normal visual function, and promotes long-term ocular health. Lots of things can frustrate our furry friends, but there's an easy way to help them with this frustration. With C Bright, you can give them the fast-acting and lasting support they need to be back making puppy-dog eyes at you in no time.

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