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Capacity: 1 pic

Repels ticks and fleas                                                                         

The alternative for dogs and cats                                                          

Effective for up to 2 years
100% Insecticide-free
Absolutely harmless for humans and animals
Odorless (no negative effect on your pet’s sense of smell)
May be used on animals  of any age (incl. puppies)
No interference with electrical collars or fences
Works with all coat types

How it works: The ready-to-use tic-clip is bio-energetically charged, has a special coating with high tic-clip, and thus around the animal (independent of its size or type of coat), which protects dogs and cats from ticks and fleas.

When does protection begin? It takes about 5 days for sufficient protection to be achieved. In rare cases, the effective ness of the tic-clip can be temporarily impaired, e.g. if the animal´s immunity is reduced, if it is in heat or if it has been vaccinated. Please use the rings that accompany the tag, since they have also been treated. From the moment when a ring is put through the tag, the tic-clip is effective for up to 2 years. The tag should then be replaced.

Instructions: the tic-clip is fixed to the collar or harness (the material is irrelevant) with the two accompanying rings. It is unimportant where or exactly how the tic-clip is attached. However, if there is already a vaccination tag or something similar, it is better if the tic-clip hangs in front of the disc, clearly visible from the front. One ring is usually sufficient for cats or very small dogs (up to approx. 15 kg).


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