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About Us

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It was summer 2005… I was in a cab on my way back from work. A thought suddenly occurred to me. I had always been a dog lover and at that moment, I had the urge to do something, something that would turn my love into reality, and make dogs happy and healthy for ever after.

This was how I ended up walking out of the beauty industry and into my greatest challenge.

Is “bathing pets” nothing more than just keeping pets clean? This was probably true 10 years ago in the pet industry. But I thought to myself: “Why can’t pet grooming also include bathing and skin care? Why does a pet skin become so dry after grooming? Can our pets have a true sensory experience while bathing?” My female intuition simply told me to stop listening to what others had to say and take my own advice when it comes to grooming.

We started offering our products domestically in Taiwan from 2006. Since 2009, our products have been sold and distributed in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the US, China, Hungary, Vietnam and Thailand.

Launch BUBBLE RICE in 2006: simple, practical, and natural formula with rice extract.
Launch YU in 2007: a luxurious bathing experience for pets with oriental botanical repair formula.
Launch DOGBEING Professional in 2009: unique ear-cleansing gel with precious Himalayan rock salt extract.
Launch ME Petsonal Care in 2012: natural and gentle formula pampering pets like babies.
Launch PLANT SIMPLE in 2013: high-performance and eco-friendly shampoo.
Launch Apt1022 in 2014: ECOCERT-certified formula, true green pet care. .

DOGBEING is all about pets. Each and every of our product is packed with love and passion.
By only using natural ingredients we are fully committed to your pet’s good health, beauty and wellbeing.

Health & Safety
Health and safety are essential to a beautiful life.
Healthy ingredients, healthy formula, healthy skin and healthy coat

From packaging to formulation, our products are specifically-designed to take care of your pets. Beauty matters to us. Beauty gives a positive feeling and boosts confidence. Beauty balances both the mind and body. It works with you, it also works with pets !

Sensory Experience
Natural and organic products are relaxing and uplifting, never dull and dry.

We believe that every bath time should be a fun and happy sharing moment after a very long day. Our natural formulas give a silky touch and unique fragrance to your pets for an absolute and totally enjoyable sensory experience.

Our products are:
Sensory enjoyment, comfort
Formulated with gentle ingredients for the skin care property
Nonirritating ingredients
Safe and clinicallytested
Reliable and trustworthy source of ingredients
With exclusive formula and batching process
Compliant with EU / FDA standards
Extracted from natural sources
Free of paraben, plasticizers, soap base, paraffin, mineral oil, triclosan, SLS,  bleach, animal ingredients, and fluorescent agents

Founder Nikita Chao