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Help eliminate nasty hairballs and resulting constipation with HairB-Ez, an all-natural herbal cat hairball remedy that helps unblock loose hair and keep it from forming into balls that become lodged in your cat’s stomach. Hairballs result from frequent grooming with the tongue and are common in long and medium-haired cats.

Hairb-Ez helps to dissolve ingested hairballs. It contains a gentle laxative herb as well as herbs that help relieve discomfort and bloating. Read how NHV Hairb-Ez helped Tatiana the kitty who had terrible bouts of hairballs until NHV HairB-Ez.

Licorice – Has mild laxative properties that support proper digestion. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that also has the ability to prevent free radical damage. It is also beneficial for the liver.

Cascara Sagrada – The cascarosides found in this bark have a cathartic action that causes the large intestine to contract and form a bowel movement. Cascara sagrada is widely used in veterinary medicine to help with constipation.

Oregon Grape – Improves digestive efficiency by increasing bile production and flow, which stimulates the liver. Oregon grape also helps against microorganisms that help combat fungal and bacterial infections.

Ginger – Helps cleanse the bowels and kidneys and stimulates digestion. It is also helpful against discomfort and helps expel internal gas, and aids in reducing nausea.

Raspberry – The tannins in raspberry help control and balance the laxative effects of HairB-Ez. Raspberry leaf also has astringent, anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamin C.

Lobelia – Contains mucous-thinning properties that help relieve bowel spasms.

Chinese Rhubarb – Strengthens the gastrointestinal tract.


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