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Die Kraft der Natur für Ihr Haustier


Capacity: 30ml

For cleaning and rinsing the outer auditory canal

- Gently dissolves earwax stuck in the ear
- Cares for and soothes the irritated skin ofthe ear
- With camomile

ANIBIO Earrinse promotes the naturalself-cleaning of the outer auditory canal and guards against inflammation. The mild active agents care for and soothe the irritated skin of the ear.

It is recommended to warm the liquid to body temperature before use. Insert the soft tip carefully into the ear 1-2 times daily and put the rinsing liquid into the auditory canal by lightly squeezing the bottle. Then massage the base of the ear on the outside. One should now step quickly to one side, since the animal will shake itself and as a result most of the dissolved impurities and the remaining liquid will also be expelled. Finally, a manual cleaning of the auricle and the external auditory canal may be carried out, but only with extreme care (e.g. witha wad of cotton-wool or gauze).

The inner ear or auditory canal should only be cleaned manually by a veterinary surgeon!

At the beginning, ears should be rinsed daily or – as a prophylaxis – repeated once a week.


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