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Die Kraft der Natur für Ihr Haustier


Capacity: 130g

- Promotes vitality for cats

Taurine is vital for cats.The cat is not able (like, for example, the dog or human being), to create taurine in its body by itself. The amount of taurine in a lot of ready-made food is too little. In order to cover what the animal needs and to prevent deficiency symptoms such asblindness, disease of the cardiac muscle or disturbances in the immune and nervous systems, it is very important to add some to the food given to the animal.

Calciumcarbonate, magnesiumoxide,

Nutritional physiological additives per kilo:
taurine 943,000 mg (2-aminoethanesulphonic acid)

Recommended dosage: 
An adult cat should be given 200 - 500 mg daily as necessary.

A level spoon (enclosed) holds approx. 800 mg.

Please mix the taurine into the food evenly, since pure taurine can have an irritant effect. The best way is to dissolve the taurine in some water before hand and then add it to the food. Taurin can be given to the animal quite safely over a long period. The animal will excrete any excessive taurine.

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