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YU。Skin Defense/ Promotes Skin Health Chinese Herbal ZihYun Formula

YU Oriental Natural Herbs Care for Pets

YU。Skin Defense/ Promotes Skin Health Chinese Herbal ZihYun Formula

Capacity: 4000ml

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YU Oriental Natural Herbs Care for Pets
Skin Defense/ Promotes Skin HealthChinese Herbal ZihYun Formula

Lithospermum erythrorhizon extract + Angelica sinensis extract + Epilobium fleischeri extract + Witch hazel + Aloe barbadensis leaf juice + Allantoin + Borneol
Unique pet care from Asia-rich blend of oriental herbs and flora gently cleanses and pampers your pet's skin and coat. The blend of lithospermum erythrorhizon, angelica sinensis extract and borneol, combined to traditional Chinese medicine ingredients helps in healing skin infections and small wounds, soothing itches and redness. A natural way to defend skin problems and promote healthy skin. 

Natural & Organic Repair
To provide the perfect bath experience to your pets, we selected precious oriental botanical and floral extracts and produced a unique formula which captures the living energy found in plants. Organic epilobium fleischeri extract helps with soothing and repairing sensitive skin, giving your furry friend the best skin care treatment.

Health & Protection
Health and protection are essential to a beautiful life.
Healthy ingredients, healthy formula, healthy skin and healthy coat

From packaging to formulation, our products are specifically-designed to take care of your pets. Beauty matters to us. Beauty gives a positive feeling and boosts confidence. Beauty balances both the mind and body. It works with you, it also works with pets !

Sensory Experience
Natural and organic products are relaxing and uplifting, never dull and dry.

We believe that every bath time should be a fun and happy sharing moment after a very long day. Our natural formulas give a silky touch and unique fragrance to your pets for an absolute and totally enjoyable sensory experience. 

■ Mild and gentle botanical formula produces soft creamy bubbles, and cleans the skin and fur
■ Suitable for both dogs and cats
■ Delicate fragrances with deodorizing property extracted from a selection of flowers and woods keep skin and hair clean and fresh for 4-7 days
■ Contains Allantoin, Witch Hazel form a protective film. organic epilobium fleischeri extract soothes and repair sensitive skins

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