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ANIBIO。Pankrea Vital

ANIBIO。Pankrea Vital

Capacity: 30ml

Pankrea Vital is a natural way of supporting the pancreas and liver. The specially blended vegetable essences stimulate the secretion of the digestive glands in the dog`s body by, for example, positively influencing the digestion of fat and the functioning of the organs. Problems with the functioning of the pancreas (pancreatitis) are indicated bysoft, viscous faeces or frequent vomiting.

aqua, raphanusextracts from: Raphanussativus, Peumusboldus*, Curcuma xantorrhiza*, Citrus limonum*; Dextrose.*.
* From certified organic cultivation

Pankrea Vital can be given directly into the mouth or mixed with the food.

Cats and dogs:
Up to 20 kg:  5 – 20 drops daily
21 – 40 kg:  20 – 35 drops daily
41 – 60 kg:  35 – 50 dropsdaily

1 full pipette = approx. 20 drops


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