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【 YU 】dry clean spray Peony Anti-bacteria Formula

YU Oriental Natural Herbs Care for Pets

【 YU 】dry clean spray Peony Anti-bacteria Formula

Capacity: 145ml

YU Oriental Herbs Dry Clean Spray
Peony Anti-bacteria Formula


Peony extract + Epilobium fleischeri extrac + Witch hazel + Allantoint + Speed cleansing agent 
Unique pet care from Asia--rich blend of oriental herbs and flora gently cleanses and pampers your pet’s skin and coat. Special blends of ultra feminine floral scent leave your pet friends smelling sensational! This spray is designed to clean your pets without rinsing. Peony essence controls bacteria and prevents skin infections.

When to use? 

--Clean pet’s paws after a walk
--Partial cleanse 
--Can’t take a bath (injury, sickness, cold weather or great for traveling)

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