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【 YU 】dry clean spray--Cherry Blossom Formula

YU Oriental Natural Herbs Care for Pets

【 YU 】dry clean spray--Cherry Blossom Formula

Capacity: 145ml

YU Oriental Herbs Dry Clean Spray 
Fancy Shine & Easy Clean

Cherry Blossom Formula

Cherry blossom extract + Epilobium fleischeri extract + Witch hazel + Allantoin +Speed cleansing agent

Unique pet care from Asia — our rich blend of oriental herbs and flora gently cleanses and pampers your pet’s skin and coat while the cherry blossom essence leaves a wonderful shine and softness for the absolute fancy touch. This spray is specifically-developed to clean your pet without rinsing

When to use? 

--Clean pet’s paws after a walk
--Partial cleanse 
--Can’t take a bath (injury, sickness, cold weather or great for traveling)

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