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ANIBIO。 Zahnstein frei

ANIBIO。 Zahnstein frei

Capacity: 60g / 140g

Protects against tartar and plaque
ANIBIO tartar-free is an effective effective composition of natural ingredients.
This natural product increases the intake of daily feeding natural enzymes
released, which rid the teeth of discoloration and tartar and counteract a new formation.

✔ Cleans and cares for teeth and gums
✔ Against bad breath
✔ Dissolves plaque

In addition to the dental care, the animal additionally receives high quality and for the organism
valuable amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

Pure, natural seaweed mix, apple pomace, Ratanhia Radix

Additives per kg:
Technolg. Additive per kg: silicic acid (E551a) 10.000mg

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 7.8%, crude fiber: 3.2%, fat content: 1.1%, ash residue: 23.0%

Feeding recommendation:
cats and dogs
up to 15 kg: daily 1 measuring spoon
from 15 kg: 2-3 scoops

1 scoop of tartar-free = ca 0.8 g

Iodine content per scoop-free under 0.4 mg (this corresponds to mg per kg, less than 500 mg / kg)

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